First blog post

I am a creative woman spreading joy through vibrant colourful artwork. Often, I am asked to describe how I get my ideas and to describe the process by which I paint. Painting is like meditation for me. I go somewhere deep and removed from the real world.

At the end of every yoga class there is a meditation, savasana. You are supposed to clear your mind of thoughts and relax completely. While my body is doing the job of melting, my monkey mind takes over and I start thinking of colours and patterns. They swirl and coalesce into an image. It’s great that this yoga also happens on the day that I am going to Open Studio. I get to carry these images with me and get them onto a canvas.

When I arrive at the studio, I set up my station and squish out generous dollops of paint onto the palette of my choice. I start with the main colour and apply the first delicious layer. The colours get layered on and gradually build into a joyous expression.

What am I thinking? Will it be like my vision? Will it being joy to onlookers?