Mixed Media/Evolutionary Discovery

Recently I started experimenting more with mixed media in an art journal. Art journals are great places to explore thought and different mediums. They are safe zones that you need not share with anyone but yourself. And, you have a small canvas so you don’t feel guilty if it looks like crap.

My introduction to journaling started with Instagram where my page just happens to be voiceshelley (surprise!). I follow other artists and it was their work that lead me to an art journal facebook group with weekly prompts.

The weekly prompts are great for giving your work a focus. Often when I paint, I have a word, a name, or both in my mind. Sometimes the word gets painted on the canvas. Words give my abstract work substance. Without substance, the art just looks like fluff and I end up painting over it. (Now that’s another blog post!)

I am now finding that the positive reaction to my journal posts have ignited a desire to see the learning expressed in a larger format. It is quite delicious to dump out a variety of supplies and start layering. Let one layer dry, or not, and then add more. All the while, I get to discover how different mediums interact. How does the blue of goache mix with transluscent liquid acrylic? What if I push the end of my brush through them?

An so the satisfying mucking about results in something I am not too ashamed to show. In fact, I think I will do some more.

#creative #voiceshelley #joy #mixedmedia


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