I love to create art! The passionate process goes a little like this…

  1. 2016-06-19 23.41.23_resized.jpgI am excited by something I have seen or daydreamed about. There is a new colour, a new brush, a new paper or a new ink dying to be used. So I start.
  2. The canvas is chosen and the first layer is applied. It looks so beautiful! I love it and don’t want to mess it up but the first layer is so thin. So I have to apply another layer.
  3. The next layer goes on and my heart sinks. UGH! It’s not quite what I expected. What was I thinking?
  4. I try to fix it. And, oh no, it’s just getting worse. I am not doing this justice. Why am I even trying to fix this mess? I should just start over again.
  5. After it’s been on the side for a while, I look back at it. Actually, this part here is not too bad and it is giving me an idea. Let’s try this again. AHA! Now it’s not looking too bad. I think it’s getting there.
  6. When do I stop? I’m asking myself the question so I had better stop. I stand back an look at it from a different angle. Ooooh! I like it!
  7. Now how will I be able to part with it?