Oil always love paint

minis in the grass

Since I picked up the brush again several years ago I have been enjoying (mostly) the process of laying the paint onto the canvas. There is a therapeutic moment when my left brain chatter shuts off and my right brain delight giggles. Like any other introvert, I can spend hours listening to my own brilliance and “the bitch”. The peace and joy that envelopes me as I slip into right hemisphere activity is a release into zen experience. I don’t recognize where I am or how much time is passing. I am just following the paint and my body feels fluid. If someone speaks to me during this time, it can take a while for my brain to recognize that the sensory input is speach and requires a response. I actually feel the left analytical processes kick in. I much prefer to listen to instrumental music during my studio time and for people to wait to comment until I’ve slipped back into my solidness.

We all have a creative part of our brain waiting to be released. Suppressed sometime in our childhood, it patiently waits while we complete our adult job. For those lucky enough to have never lost it I tip my hat. There are so many messages in society discouraging artistic spirits, calling them flighty and unfocused.

I’m so happy that I reconnected with my inner artist. She was not burried very deeply though. I remember going to galleries and being drawn closer and closer. I would look at the texture of the brush strokes and let the flow of the paint guide me around the canvas. Envious, I would deny that desire to make my own brush strokes. When I finally gave in, it was like there had been decades of art bottled up inside me and it needed to come out.

I work rather quickly. I’m starting to slow down a little with the use of oils. The explosion is done and my spirit is content with what has come forth. It also knows that there are many years ahead of paint, glorious paint.

I thank oils for settling me, acrylics for letting the explosion happen and watercolours for challenging me. I love using multiple mediums together, layered on top of one another (those long drying time oils last). I can’t see myself stopping. I am an artist and I love to express myself on the canvas.