Why buy original art

You can go to HomeSense and get a print to match your sofa. You will take it home, hang it and ignore it until it starts to fade. Or you can buy art from a local artist, art with a personal meaning, art that will go home and continue to delight you.

Local artists paint and create art in so many different ways. There is a local artist out there who paints what you like.

By buying local, you support the creation of culture in your community. You help an artist pay the bills. You can talk with the artist and find out what motivates them.

It will cost you a little more but you are getting a piece that won’t fade like a print. You will get something unique. No awkward moments when a guest pipes up “I have the exact same piece in my basement!” And, you are going to enjoy that piece.

Original art is an investment like a great piece of jewelry.

So get out there and go check out your local artists. You can find them in art fairs, art tours, art crawls and local artist collectives displays.