I was born on the north shore of Lake Superior in a small town called Marathon, Ontario. My childhood experiences with The Canadian Shield and the beauty of nature influences me in many ways. I love being outdoors. I need to be near water and nature. I feel most comfortable when I have trees, wildflowers and rocks in my immediate environment.

All through high school I was involved in art and music. Art class gave me a strong foundation in fundamentals such as colour theory, composition, art history and a variety of techniques. In university I chose to pursue a degree in psychology and sociology. Knitting and writing became my new creative outlet. When I became a mother to two boys I was able to use my inventiveness to prepare language learning materials for them. My innovative mind was put to the test being the parent of a child with bilateral severe to profound hearing loss that resulted in him receiving cochlear implants. The next stage in my creative journey began after a hospitalization for a chronic illness. I was invited to paint with a group of ladies. I jumped at the opportunity. I found therapeutic benefits and discovered a medium that calls to my creative spirit.
With paint I can express my feelings. I can shout and yell, be happy and cheeky, be sensual and joyful. I let my subconscious thought come out, unleashed, n a vibrant visual way.

I haven’t met a colour that I didn’t like. I like to start my work with a small colour palette, sometimes only one colour. My latest explorations have been using warm or cool primary colours. I let the paint take me where it wants to go. Sometimes I have an image for reference. My painting tends to be more abstract than realistic. When someone asks me what it is that I have painted, I ask them “What do you see? What does it make you feel?” I am constantly amazed by what others see in my work. Even though I leave a little bit of my soul up on every canvas and even though I generally have a thought of idea behind what I paint, everyone gets to experience my art with their own set of circumstances.